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Sun 12pm-6pm

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Updated Growler List Feb 18th, 2015

Bells Winter White (5.0%ABV).....$9.99/$5.99
Ithaca Flower Power (7.5%ABV).....$12.99/$6.99
Troegs Nugget Nectar (7.5%ABV).....$14.99/$7.99...
Southern Tier Crème Brulee (9.6%ABV).....$18.99/$9.99
Victory Hop Ranch IIPA (9.0%ABV).....$12.99/$6.99
Founders Dirt Bastard (8.5%ABV).....$11.99/$6.99
Allagash Black (7.5%ABV)....$14.99/$7.99
Great Lakes Conways Irish Ale (6.5%ABV)....$11.99/$6.99

Mix & Match Policy

At One Stop Brew Shop, we understand that the Craft Beer market is exploding, with that explosion new beers are being intruduced to the maket everyday!!  With our "Mix & Match Anything" approach, customers are able to purchase as little as one bottle of any craft beer in stock.  We also offer quantity discounts on purchases of 12 or more bottles.

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